"Clever, fun, sexy.  I found myself quickly attracted to the characters,
and I'm dying to know what happens next."

"Totally enjoyable.  Funny and smart.  
Simple, elegant production.  Creative genius."

"A highly entertaining and engaging evening.   
Totally addictive.  I have to see all four parts. "

"It's amazing that the plays work independently, yet build on each
other without feeling repetitive.  The connections are fascinating
without feeling contrived."

"I thought it was mysterious, intriguing, funny and quite touching."

"An intricate theatrical puzzle...  Highly recommended."

"The concept totally worked.  It felt like something completely new."

"Amazing cast.  Brilliant dialogue.  Lots to think about.  A lot
happened in an hour."

"I missed Part 1 and I still got involved in Part 2 with no trouble."
Theatre that attracts a younger audience.

What Goes Around...
is the story of young people
in the city - their friendships, their jobs, their
families, and their romances.  Time Out New York
said,  "Jeff Baron puts the sex back in sextet."

It's a sextet because each play has 6 characters.  
What makes this show unique is that they're played
by only 3 actors.  They each play two very different
characters without ever changing their appearance
in any way.  So when you see a couple in bed, it
might take a minute to figure out if it's Paige and
Carson, Paige and Rick, Jordana and Carson or
Jordana and Rick.  It soon becomes clear, but the
temporary uncertainty is part of the fun. Somehow,
by the end of the hour, you've gotten to know all 6 of
these people quite well.  And the extra attention you
have to pay pays off by getting you more involved
with the story. It's the magic of theatre, and it's cool
how it works.
Theatre that's easy to produce.

What Goes Around...
is theatre - a fully
rehearsed production with excellent actors, sets,
lighting, costumes and original music.  But each
show is only an hour long, and can be presented
almost anywhere - a cabaret, a theatre lobby, a
black box or a traditional theatre space.  The set
is two chairs, a table and tablecloth that become
a cafe, a bedroom, a therapist's office and
various other places.  Tickets cost less than
formal theatre (as does the production), and you
can serve drinks or food.  It makes a perfect late
night show.  
Theatre as a continuing series.

What Goes Around...
is actually a series
of plays.  The entire series is 4 parts.  
Each part is a play that tells its own story
and doesn't require having seen any other
parts.   But from part to part, characters
come back, and you get to know them and
their relationships very well over time.  
You'll want to know what happens next.   
Each part can play for a few weeks, then a
new part begins.  There can also be
chances to see the parts you missed.  
Some venues may choose to present two
parts in one evening.  It even works as a
marathon presentation of all four parts,
though the opportunity to inspire multiple
visits to the theatre is part of the design of
this piece.  
Part One - Why Did She Call Me After All This Time?
Paige calls Ilana and wants to get together.  They
were close friends, but 5 years ago, Paige suddenly
stopped returning Ilana's phone calls and e-mails.  
No explanation.

Ilana doesn't want to get hurt again, and before
agreeing to meet, she goes to what some might
consider extreme measures to find out why Paige
picked up the phone.

Part Two - Is This Job Too Good to be True?
A high level creative job where there are no
meetings, no e-mail and no phone calls?  Working
for a man who thinks you're great? Paige couldn't
be happier.  Ilana is suspicious.

Rick and Susan are figuring things out, in and out
of bed. Can a marriage survive an affair?  Can a
friendship survive a rift?  What are the fix-up rules?
Can a crazy therapist help you?
Part Three - Moral Ambiguity is Making Me Tired
Carson's back in town, but his perfect setup -
three women who fill his every need and don't
know about one another - is over.  He panics and
does something he never thought he'd do.  Pay for
it.  Psychotherapy, that is.  With a woman therapist
who's already heard an awful lot about him.

Ilana, who had decided a few years ago that she
was through with dating, a policy that was working
quite well for her, has her second and then her
third date with Jeremy.  Paige, who fixed them up,
is interested in Jeremy, too.  Only as a business
partner.  She says.

Part Four - The Sublimation Tango
Susan, who had moved her business and her life
to Paris, has a change of heart, which has a
domino effect on the people she knows and the
people they know.

Carson's free-form therapy (it's never quite clear
who's on the couch) is affecting him in ways no
one could have predicted.  Ilana takes extreme
steps to restore her equilibrium.  Paige is all over
the place.  Love is in the air.  Or is it sex?  Or both?
One of Argentina's leading young
composers and musicians, Javier
Lopez del Carril has accomplished
a lot in his still young career. He
composed the original music for the
Visitando al Sr.
Green, which played from
2005-2008 in Buenos Aires. His
other original scores include
Parafernalia Infernal, and Segun
Zicka. He was the featured guitar
soloist for both the world premiere
and the recording of Oratorio de dos
Mundos, one of the legendary Astor
Piazzola's last works. As a guitarist,
musical director and conductor,
Javier has toured Latin American
and Europe many times with jazz
and tango artists as well as
symphony orchestras. As a singer
and songwriter, he performs and
records with his group Lleva Enero.