the jeff baron show
For a year, Jeff wrote, directed, produced and hosted a local
cable series in Atlanta called
The Jeff Baron Show.  It was a
show about everyday life.

Each half hour episode took place in a familiar location - a
supermarket, a bar, a bowling alley, the baggage claim at the
airport, a hair salon...

The episodes consisted of scripted scenes with actors, taped as if
you were eavesdropping on something that was actually taking
place in that location.  In the supermarket show, we see a
confrontation on the express line because someone has more
than 10 items.  And a guy trying to pick up a woman in the pet
food aisle pretending he has a cat.

Interspersed with these short scenes are interviews with people
who work at these places - the bag boy at the supermarket, the
woman who works at the lost luggage counter at the airport, the
assistant manager of the bowling alley... or else people who just
happened to be at those places the night the show was taped.  
There were no celebrity guests.

Each episode also included an original musical number.

Involving hundreds of Atlantans from all walks of life, The Jeff
Baron Show was nominated for numerous awards.  The episode
featuring The Varsity, the world's largest drive-in restaurant (an
Atlanta institution), was featured at the Red River Film Festival.

This page is currently under construction and will soon include
more details and some video and audio excerpts from the show.