the bruce diet
- winner, CINE Golden Eagle Award

- AFI/Los Angeles International Film

- Bombay Film Festival

- London Short Film Festival

- Bilbao International Film Festival

- Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival

- 2 week theatrical run in NYC
A comedy-horror film about Sheila, a perpetual
dieter, who finally achieves success with the help
of a talking, cellulite-eating guinea pig named
Bruce.  But there's a price to be paid.
Ooh, My Pants Are Tight
from the soundtrack of
The Bruce Diet, music
by Franni Burke, lyrics
by Jeff Baron, sung by
Franni Burke
Written and Directed by Jeff Baron

Starring Diana Canova
      John Christopher Jones
      Sam Coppola
      Matthew Ryan

Produced by Debra Kent
              Linda Habib

Production Designer - Erik Ulfers

Director of Photography - John Thomas

Editor - Jonathan Oppenheim

Original Music Score - Franni Burke

Special Makeup Effects - Vincent J. Guastini

Costume Designer - Lois Benson

Casting Director - Marnie Waxman

Graphic Design - Andrew N. Wiener