house swap
This is the story of Hank and Trudy Quigley, who
live in a suburb on Los Angeles.  Hank is a
woodshop teacher and Trudy teaches second
grade.  They arrange through the teachers' union
to swap houses with a teacher who lives on the
East coast.  When they arrive, the taxi takes them
to 18
South Blue Sky Lane instead of 18 North
Blue Sky Lane, where the key is also under the

Instead of a little bungalow, they find themselves
at a mansion in a community of millionaires.  This
place was tied up in the courts, and people in this
community assume that Hank and Trudy are the
Wadsworth heirs, billionaires in a neighborhood of

In the course of their two week vacation, they
introduce the denizens of Cricket Valley to all sorts
of unfamiliar middle class pleasures, which are
quickly adopted by the very rich, trying to keep up
with the Quigleys.

A big Hollywood comedy that had many interested
parties and was optioned very quickly by