give 'em an inch
From the L.A. production (pictured above):

Give 'em an Inch and Song of Martina, both beautifully written and
brightly directed by Jeff Baron make up a delightful evening at Theatre
Give 'em an Inch is a comedy set in the waiting room of Dr. Daniels.  A
sign hanging on the wall reads, "Institute for the Enhancement of Mankind."  
The good doctor is in the business of... well... enlarging men 'down there'.

As each patient arrives for what he thinks is his personal 1:30 appointment,
he finds that he is part of a group that has to sit and face each other,
knowing why they are all there.  The dialogue is hilarious as each painfully
interacts with his fellows.

The group includes a nervous businessman (
Barry Pearl), a blunt
middle-aged nerd (
Don Amendolia), a gay athlete (Robert Lee Jacobs)
who doesn't really have any 'shortcoming' but is there because his lover
Vincent D'Elia) sent him, a studio executive's wife (Marsha Waterbury)
who went to negotiate the preliminaries for her much-too-important
husband (
Michael McKenzie) who must have the biggest and best of
everything to prove his success.  Perky nurse Allison (a delightful
) keeps popping out from the office to offer explicit information to the
anxious men.

Cleverly hidden under the humor comes some real understanding of the
tragedy of not 'sizing up', and how most men equate penis size to success
and happiness.  It inconspicuously makes the point, as with breast implants,
that it's not what you have, but who you are that really counts."   -
DePino, Theatre in L.A.

the play:
 55 minutes
the setting:  a doctor's waiting room
the cast:  5 men, 2 women