What if you're walking down the street and see an old bag lady
with her shoe stuck in the sidewalk?  

What if you help her get free, then walk her home and help her fix
a couple of things that were broken for years?

What if the old lady dies, and you find out she was very, very,
very rich... and that she left her entire fortune to you?

What if you don't really care about money, but your friends and
family do, so you decide not to tell them?

What if the old lady's sister accuses you of using sexual favors to
convince her to leave the money to you, and not her?

What if this becomes a notorious tabloid story, and your friends,
your family and everyone else in the world becomes obsessed with
you and this money?
the play: 90 minutes, no intermission
the setting:  various, suggested by props and furniture
the cast:  1 woman, 50+
1 woman, 30-45
1 woman, 20's
1 man, 30-45

Edna and Joe Forever was written by Jeff Baron and Moe Angelos.  

"A screwball comedy for the 21st century" - Bob Moss, Syracuse Stage