The world premiere production of "When I Was Five" (Cuando
Tenía Cinco Años) by Jeff Baron began July 25th at Teatro de Lucía
in Lima, where it played to full houses through September 9th.    
The comedic drama was directed by Malcolm Malca, and starred
César Ritter, Sandra Bernasconi, Rodrigo Palacios and Mariano
García-Rosell.  The translation is by Javier Lopez del Carril.
" A heartwarming and healing work. Starting from the pain of loss, it looks in the box of photos that is
memory to find answers, beauty and comfort. With neither fuss nor cliche we are made to feel initmately
loved and cured. I felt at home, I felt accepted and I learned." - César De María
"For those of us who have had therapy, for those of us who have had losses, but especially for those who do
not know that there is something in life that makes you live the way you live, for better or for worse. An honest,
moving production full of small hilarious moments."  - Sofia Rocha
Escenografía                       Carlos Mesta
Illuminación                          Rolando Muñoz
Musicalización                     José Barcenas
Vestuario                             Gonzalo Tuesta
Fotografía                            Álvaro Dávila
Diseño gráfico                     Pietro Hadzich
Prensa                                 V y V Comunicaciones
Producción ejecutiva           Juan José Espinoza
Producción general             Asociación Cultural Artes Unidos
Asistencia de dirección       Gonzalo Tuesta
Operación-luces y sonido   Gisele Buller
Jefatura de escena             Sebastián Gordillo
Jefatura de sala                  Erick Aguirre
"... the difficulty of facing a psychotherapist, the fear of looking at the past, talking to the child
we once were, the beauty and complexity of two people who change each other in an
irreversible way; all this is staged with great sensitivity."  - Mariana de Althaus
"Excellent play.  Great performances by Sandra Bernasconi and César Ritter.  Don't miss it."  
- Augusto Alvarez Rodrich
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