Fred and Richard married into the same
family.  In the past 12 years they have
been together in the same room hundreds
of times.  They never had a conversation
until today.

On the afternoon of their wives’ mother’s
funeral, with the reception taking place
upstairs, they meet each other sneaking
into their late father-in-law’s private room
in the basement, which no one has ever

Fred, a truck driver in his 50’s (older than
the older sister), and Richard, a bon vivant
in his 30’s (younger than the younger
sister), each has his own reason for coming
to this room.  Neither wanted company,
but nobody’s leaving.

A suspenseful comedy.

the play:  90 minutes, no intermission
the setting:  a basement room in a house
the cast:  two men, one in his 30's and
one in his 50's