Dear __________,
(the big entertainment company that
I'm not so interested in)

I have an idea that I'm pretty
sure can make your company
millions, if not billions of
dollars. All I can tell you right
now is that this is an idea
relating to entertainment.

Please ask the person at your
company who works on new
ideas to call me. My number is
(not my real
. Any time after 3
would be fine.

Believe me, it's a really good

Sean Rosen
I have an incredible idea. Unfortunately, I can't
tell you what it is, because even if you didn't
mean to, you'd end up telling someone. That's
how cool it is.  All I can tell you is that it has
something to do with entertainment.  In fact, I
think it will change the way people think about

Like, for example, remember when people used
to only watch TV shows on TV?  Now we watch
them on our phones, on our computers...
anywhere we want.  I'm telling you this to prove
that the way people think about entertainment
can actually change. I'm not saying that putting
TV shows on phones was my idea.  My idea is
actually a little bigger than that.

I know the company I want to be in business
with.  I'm not going to tell you their name.  You
know them. They're huge.  They're a huge
company in the entertainment business.  I
looked them up online.  Their offices are in
California and New York.  I live in between.

Since this is my first time trying to work with a
big company, and since I know which company
I want to work with, I think I should practice on
another company.  Just in case I do something

I learned this from one of my grandmothers.  
She likes to practice things before she does
them.  Like say she has a doctor's appointment
tomorrow, with a doctor she never saw before,
in a place she doesn't really know.

Most people would just put the address into
their GPS, or if they didn't have a GPS (my
grandmother doesn't), they'd go on MapQuest
or Google and print out directions.

Grandma prints out the directions, but instead
of just using them to drive to the doctor, first
she uses them for what she calls a "trial run".  
She drives to the doctor the day before her
appointment, just to be sure the directions are
right.  It makes my dad crazy.  Grandma doesn't
care.  She likes to know what she's doing.

The website of the trial run company gives you
their e-mail address, their telephone number,
their regular street address in California, and
their fax number.

We don't have a fax machine, but I can send
faxes from my computer.  I figured it out for my
mom.  But if they only have one fax machine for
the whole gigantic company, it's probably
broken half the time. Or if it's not, whoever gets
them has to read like a thousand faxes a day.

I don't trust that person to get my fax to the
right department.  I don't trust that person to
not be in a bad mood and throw my fax in the
garbage.  If I had that job, I probably wouldn't
do that, but I've never gotten a thousand faxes.

I'm sending them a letter.  Like a letter on a
piece of paper that you put in an envelope.  
Hardly anyone ever does that, so the person at
the company who opens actual letters might be
happy to have something to do.

This is my trial run:

best book I've read in a while."

"Equal parts Hollywood satire and
old-fashioned tale of American gumption, it
introduces us to a character who is surprising,
upstanding, and quietly heroic in a way that we
ourselves can aspire to. I happily represent
Sean Rosen."

--  Ned Vizzini, author of IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY

"This is a wonderful book --
Fast, vivid, funny and never less than
completely entertaining."

"I read it with my son, and, by the end, we were
fighting over who would get to read and who
would get to listen. I recommend it to any kid
who plans to grow up and face the world of
sharks and minnows, and any parent who wants
a little reprieve from same."

--  Rich Cohen, author of SWEET AND LOW and
photo by Michael Rafelson

"Sean Rosen embodies the skills we
want to cultivate in our 21st century
learners. He's a tenacious, innovative,
high tech communicator who also
happens to be sweet, funny and likeable."

Edgar McIntosh, Principal, Ardsley Middle
jacket art by Christoph Niemann
publication date: March 19, 2013
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"Smart, funny, and fresh.  I want Sean
Rosen to represent me."

--  Robert Lipsyte, author of THE CONTENDER and
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"Humorous... witty... engaging"

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Jeff Baron is an award-winning
playwright, screenwriter, director and
lyricist, and a former cook,
speechwriter, marketing director and
camp counselor. He is currently
writing the next Sean Rosen book.
I Represent Sean Rosen
by Jeff Baron

"Sean Rosen is my hero."

-- Lincoln Peirce, creator of BIG NATE